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Cage Building Accessories

J-clip Romoval Pliers


Sturdy steel constructed pliers This handy tool is a must for replacing worn cage parts where partial dismantling is required. Quick and easy J-Clip removal! remove j-clips with ease.

J-clip Romoval Pliers


C-ring pliers $18

These pliers are specifically designed for C-Rings. They are of tough, plated steel construction with soft rubber grips for comfortable use. Spring-loaded jaws hold C-Ring in place while you position it for installation. These pliers make assembly and repair a snap

C-ring Pliers


5 lbs Loxit rings #6002

5 lb. Carton (#OOB 3/8'' opening before clamping/approx. 600 per lb.) Price $16.45



1lb. Loxit rings #6001

1 lb. bag (#OOB 3/8'' opening before clamping/approx. 600 per lb.) Price $16.45




J Pliers $19

For heavier use. Bass heavy duty clip pliers are an improved version of the forged steel plier that has been the industry standard for years. Our tool is bright zinc plated to prevent rust and fitted with soft plastic grips for comfort.

J Pliers


Flush Cutting Wire Cutters $29.00 #6008 (wt. 1 lb.) -Special Cutting Pliers are flush ground on one side to cut wire smoothly and eliminate sharp wire ends. These cutters are not as strong or as durable as regular cutters, but have been tested and approved on up to 12 gauge mild steel wire. There is no guarantee against chipping or breaking. Not available in stores 8' long.


Wire Cutters $12.75 lb

J-clips $5.75 lb

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