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Cage Latches Components-   Also see:    "Cage Tools"

Finger loop spring latch

FINGER-LOOP SPRING Use as a door lock or pan retention spring for carriers. Now standard on all Bass carriers. Order extras for your existing carriers. Hundreds of other uses!


Finger loop latch 12 count

12 pieces $19.95

Finger loop latch 24 count

24 pieces $36.00


SPRING LOCK 1 dozen- $12.95

SPRING LOCK This new lock design is sure to become a standard with cage builders. The wider loop design makes one hand operation easy. This lock has a bit lighter action than the original No. SPL-3, yet holds the door closed securely. No. SPL-3 - $12.95/dozen




Spring Lock 12 count


Spring Lock 24 count

$24.00 / 2 dozen



Door Lock $.90

The Bass Door Lock has been acclaimed by all who use it as the best on the market. The pivot pin is firmly fastened to the horizontal piece and the tongue swings freely on this pin, making it a durable, easy to operate lock. No. DL - $ .90

Door lock




Wire Cutters $12.75 lb




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