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Egg Candleing

Brinsea Cool Lume - High Intensity Egg Candler



The primary tool for monitoring the development of embryos within the egg and a must for all bird breeders. For parrots and raptors.
A radically new egg candling lamp which focuses a high intensity light beam through a special solid acrylic cone lens to provide an extremely concentrated light with virtually no heat - eliminating the risk of thermal stress to embryos. Ideal for close inspection of very small exotic eggs.

110 - 120 volt / 60 Hz. Tip sold separately. Cool Lume Bulb.

Cool-Lite Tester NOT IN STOCK call to order.


Economy Candler / Cool-Lite Tester for Candling Eggs Product ID: G9046 Manufacturer: GQF Price: $14.99

Weighs only 5 ounces - easy to move over eggs, eggs need not be handled. Has 5 foot electric cord. Use to check progress of development of eggs. Remove spoiled eggs promptly to protect remaining eggs!

Cool-Lite Tester



Pen Light batter operated candler. $6.75
The ultimate in economy and convenience. Uses two triple A batteries.

Pen Light Candler No. 9025

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