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Build your own chicken coop? Why not?

Building a chicken coop for your back yard can be a pretty simple task as long as you not the kinda fellow who tends to lose fingers or toes when power tools are turned! If you are that kind of person weigh the costs. Having someone who has all the tools and is willing to build you a perfectly functional chicken coop for $350 to $800 dollars or so, is a lot more affordable than putting an eye out just trying to wrestle with a spring roll of new chicken wire.

Still feeling manly, well mosey on down to your local hardware store and get a couple of sheets of galvanized roof tin and some treated 2x4's and 3/4 inch plywood and build yourself a chicken tractor or a cute little chicken chalet.

You might be amazed at what a hero you will become in your household or maybe even the neighborhood when the family and neighbors see that you have become a veritable contractor, building houses and what not. It's a home to a chicken after all... and when you can cook your own eggs, laid on your own property, well there's just no better feeling at breakfast.


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