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Quail Battery Breeding Pens

3 Section Quail Breeding Pen

Description: Pens are constructed of galvanized wire making them both long lasting & sanitary. This pen design has been proven in the field for over 25 years. Each section is a compact 10 x 24" & is adequate for up to 2 pair of Bobwhite or one cock & three hens. These pens now have a new larger feed trough to allow increased time between refilling. The feed & water troughs are located on outside of the pen to allow for easy filling & cleaning. The sloped floor permits eggs to roll out under feed trough for production of cleaner eggs & easier gathering. Pens may be coonverted for colony breeding by removing 2 center partitions & supporting with bailing wire. Pens are shipped fully assembled. Dimensions: 30 x 24" x 73"

0315 - 15 Section Quail Battery Breeding Pen

QUAIL BREEDING PENS - Scientific study of the breeding of Quail by Universities and Georgia Quail Farm has proven results of these new improved, compact breeding pens. Basically the same as we have produced for over 25 years, each section is a compact 10 x 24 and is adequate for up to 2 pair of Bobwhite or one cock and three hens. These pens now have a new, larger feed trough. Water trough on outside of back for easy filling or may be equipped with automatic watering. Construction is of galvanized steel to make them long lasting and sanitary. Correct slope of the floor permits eggs to roll out under feed trough for production of cleaner eggs and easier gathering. Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 73. Shipped with Pens assembled and stand knocked down. Dropping pans included. Price $459.00

0316 Battery Breeding Pen Stand
(wo/ pens)

(Without Pens) Dropping Pan Supports included. (For use with No.0303 Breeding Pen) -Now you can purchase No. 0316 Battery Stand (left) along with 1,2 or 3 of the No. 0303 3 section Quail Breeding Pen, along with one dropping pan (below) for each breeding pen. When more breeding pens are desired, just order No. 0303 along with a dropping pan and add it into your battery stand. (For use with No. 0303 Breeding Pen) Price $75.85

Please call for shipping. Extra shipping for west of the Mississippi.



4030--Kit to attach 1/4 Tube to a Water Tank
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4031--Kit to attach 5/16 Tube to Water Tank
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4063--Dome only for 4006 drinker

Price: $3.30 (white plastic part)


4008--Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve w/ Gauge
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4090--Pressure Reducing Valve
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4067--Pkg. 10 1/2"Plastic T Connectors

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4081--Low Pressure Tubing - 100 ft Coil 5/16 I.D. More info...
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4080--Low Pressure Tubing - 50 ft Coil 5/16 I.D.
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4076--Trigger for drink cup
Price: $0.66


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